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Sharing Good Horsemanship Around The World

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30 days money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the club just cancel your subscription and request a full refund no questions asked!

Gift plan not included in this offer

New monthly videos for members click once you

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click to join clubWelcome to the new Silversand Horsemanship Club

This is a subscription site for people who wish to have access to online video, tutorials and articles from experts in different fields.
There will also be a forum that Steve will be monitoring to personally help you with your horsemanship journey.
We are currently videoing everything that will be useful to you in understanding how to better communicate your intentions with your horse.
This site is now open and we plan to constantly add new content.

Here is a sample of the first video to show the beginning of working with more than one horse at liberty.
We have Kola and Gandalf, two of our palominos in this first video and will be introducing Saruman, our palomino stallion, once we have these first two horses working well together.



What is the Silversand Horsemanship Club?

This is the new paid membership site.
Currently it has all of the foundation programme split up into small individual multimedia lessons.

We intend on adding more videos to the site over the next few months and will adapt the content based on feedback from the members.
We have also added a gift plan for friends that you may have been hoping to help.  A gift that may start them on the journey that you are currently enjoying.

Membership of the Silversand Horsemanship Club is aimed at helping those of you who are committed to improving your horsemanship skills.

You will be able to find out about the principles behind Silversand Horsemanship, read articles about Steve’s Horsemanship journey and receive  personal answers to your questions.

Members will also be able to enrol on the Silversand Horsemanship Certificate Programme.

By becoming a member of the Silversand Horsemanship Club you will be able to:

* Ask questions online related to your own horse and horsemanship and have them answered personally by Steve.
* Access the new Members Only online multi-media lessons adapted from the Foundation Programme material.
* Receive a  discount 20% on all  Silversand Horsemanship courses with Steve. 
* Download versions of all videos to play on your video Ipod, Iphone or play on your computer with Itunes.
* Receive  a quarterly newsletter by email.
* Receive a 20% discount on all the Silversand Horsemanship DVDs purchased on our online shop or            directly from Steve or Irena.
* Periodically receive special Members Only offers.
* Spectate at any course conducted by Steve at the Silversand Centre and other
nominated courses in Australia at no cost.
* Spectate at selected courses conducted by Steve in the UK at no cost

* Spectate at  courses  conducted by David Mellor at no cost and get a 10% discount on riding

Check course dates on our main web site to find a course that qualifies.
click to see course dates


We hope that the Silversand Horsemanship Club will encourage, motivate and inspire you to improve the connection you have with your horse.

It is easy to become a member of the Silversand Horsemanship Club.
Just go click on the "Join Now" link in the top menu bar.

Membership pricing:

Silver membership $9.99 per month: Access to digital learning only and no discounts.

Gold Membership $19.99 per month: All of the access and discounts listed above.


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